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chapter 21-35 study questions

Chapter 21-23

1. He doesn’t want to cheat people and the duke and the king didn’t ask him to help them.

2. Its making fun of the southern law/ how the southerners take the law into there own hands.

3. The circus is really a performance that takes practice and talent they actually try and work for their money/ where as the play is just the duke and the king scamming people in to think that they are these professional performers when they really aren’t.

4. He is shocked.  It seems as if he has not gone to a circus before. But he is just as shocked as the ringmaster when clown comes out of his disguises. Huck misses the point of the performance.

5. The crowd will come if there is expected to be content which is not appropriate for women and children because they will want to know what is so bad.

6.  Huck thinks it is easier to keep their identities, because if Huck tells on them they could tell on Jim and Huck doesn’t want anything to happen to Jim.

7. It shows that Jim cares about his family and kids, because he shows remorse for beating his child.


Chapter 24-27

1.    We see Jim get disguised as a sick Arab so the group doesn’t have to tie him up any more. Then they all by new clothes which help with the kings new persona to make it more believable


3.    The girls are young and innocent and haven’t thought about how not everyone will have their best interests at heart.   This is also because they are orphans.
4.    The family has her eat in the kitchen because of her deformity.  They don’t want others to see it and they treat her like a servant because of it.
5.    Believing in something romantic because the town wants to believe the lies that the duke and the king are saying instead of listening to the Doctor.
6.    Because the duke is preying on these three innocent girls and this goes against what Huck believes in, and he likes one of the girls.

Chapter 28-30
1.    One of the things that Twain does is he makes fun of the dead which you are not suppose to do.  Then at the funeral the undertaker kills a dog because it is barking profusely at the funeral and at funerals you should be morning.
2.    It is Irony because he wants to tell the truth because he has been lying through out the whole story.
3.    Huck likes to protect the girls, but he feels that he should just tell them the truth, which is funny because that is not within Huck’s character.
4.    Because if Jim were with the group then he would have figured out that the king and the duke where not royalty, which would make a worse situation then just leaving Jim tied to a tree.
5.    Hines is stupid when he sees the money, because he forgets about Huck.
6.    Huck loves Mary Jane that is why Huck helps her so much.

7.     Even though the Duke and the king are lying, and the town believes them over someone who has proof.
8.     A truthful man who is actually trying to help the girls.
9.     Because they are still lying and they are still swindling money from the town, so they are still villains.

            Chapter 31-35
1.     Yes because Huck decides to go against society to rescue Jim.

2.    It is ironic because Huck is really doing the right thing but in his mind he is committing a crime.  In reality he is saving Jim, which is the right decision.
3.  The symbolism is the fact that Huck is describing this plantation and the fact that even in these small peaceful town there is slavery going on.

4.  He believes in God to help him come up with a plan to save Jim. She would disagree with what Huck is doing because he isn’t following the true path of God.

5.  Because Miss Watson asks if any one got hurt. Huck replies with just a Nigger, and it is funny because they don’t care about the fact that a black man got hurt.

6. Realism vs. Romanticism Huck lives in reality where as Tom and his plans live in a fantasyland.   Tom thinks that all of his plans will work because society is not as smart as he is. 

7. Huck’s motives make a lot more sense because he wants to save Jim. Tom just wants to have a crazy adventure.

8.    Huck was still sympathetic when he saw what had happened to the king and duke even though they have done all that terrible stuff.

9.    That Tom says that they can go out and steal all of this stuff, but they have to help with Jim’s escape.   When Huck takes a watermelon, Tom makes him go pay for it.

10. Because Huck thinks that Tom’s plans are better, because Huck looks up to Tom as a role model.

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questions 1-12

1.    ?
2.    Huck felt bad after he played the prank on Jim. In this society people are taught from a young age to treat black people as “trash” without respect or that they might have feels just like other people. Huck as a young person has been brought up in this society. Being at a young age and hanging around Jim for so long has made Huck want Jim’s respect and when he hurt Jim he lost his respect.  So, it took a long time for Huck to build up the nerve to apoligize to Jim. It was because of what society had taught him about how to treat black people.

3.    A.) Huck feels he has stolen widow Douglas’ valuable property when he helped Jim escape.   B.) The irony is that the children where born as Jim’s but he has to either steal them back or pay for them. In our society children belong to their parents until the age of 18. In the story Jim’s children where sold into slavery as someone else property.  C.) Huck has been thinking about turning Jim in but he is having second thoughts. Society says that Jim is someone elses property but Huck is fighting the belief that Jim should be free to live as an equal. So, Huck is struggling with the decision of what to do.  D.)  Jim’s superstition about Huck touching a rattlesnake is why they are still having bad luck.

4.    The bounty hunters give Huck money because they think Huck’s father has smallpox. The irony is that Huck is a very rich boy.  These men give him money to help but they should be checking/helping Huck’s father instead of allowing a young boy to take care of his sick father.


6.    Mark Twain put the book aside for several years because he didn’t like where the story was headed at the time.  He stopped the book to look for a new way to continue Huck’s character. He went to New Orleans and traveled the waterways. Where the book was very dark before, it became even darker after he experienced the life in the real south.
7.    The Granger’s house is filled with paintings of the civil war and art that expresses dark themes. The family is rich and live by their own law.
8.    Huck’s persona name is George Jackson and he doesn’t know how to correctly spell the name. He cons Buck into spelling it for him but Buck doesn’t know how to spell it either. So when Buck spells it wrong he doesn’t realize it.
9.    Huck doesn’t believe in dead people. Huck doesn’t understand jokes or riddles. So, when Buck tells the Moses story, it irritates Huck because Buck tells Huck the answer to his question. This makes Huck irritated.
10.     The hogs think the church is cool and they go there to sleep under the floor. People go there because they are forced to go their every Sunday.
11.    The fued symbolizes
12.    The life on the raft is without rules or consequences. Life on land is with rules and consequences. On the raft Jim is free and Huck is the boss of himself.  On land Jim is treated as a slave and Huck is to young to do as he pleases without permission.

Huck he thought that he was okay weth taken jim but then jim starts talking about how he is going to steall his kids huck  starts fealing bad

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Episode 3 chapter 8-11

    Episode 3 chapter 8-11
This episode starts on chapter 8 when Huck is sad and thinking of his family.  Then he remembers about how they put quick silver in bread and send it down river to find the dead body, so he goes and fishes for bread to eat.   Then Huck meets up with Jim, who ran away, and they stay together from then on. Together they go to the house of death, and find a dead person, clothes, candles, and other necessities.  Next, when they move to the cave Huck puts a dead rattlesnake into Jim’s sleeping bag as a prank, but when a rattlesnake dies its partner curls up next to it, so Jim ends up getting bitten by the snake. Because Huck stole Pa’s whiskey, Jim is able to drink the whiskey to heal the wound.   Then Huck dresses up as a girl and sails down to town to get information on what is happening in the town since he left. He finds out there is a bounty out for Jim and Pa.  Pa has left and taken some of his money.  Then Huck gets caught and has to change his disguise because he is not a believable girl.  Huck also finds out that the lady sent her husband to Jackson’s Island to hunt for Jim.  

Characters – Huck, Jim, the Old Lady, the Old Lady’s husband, Pap, Judge Thatcher, Bessie Thatcher, Joe Harper, Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly, Sid, Mary, Ship’s Captain

 This Episode is important because it shows how Jim and Huck work together. 

Superstition is a theme in this episode because of bad luck.  For example when Huck picks up the dead rattlesnake it brings forth bad luck.  Like when Jim gets bitten by a rattlesnake, and the old lady sends her husband to the island to hunt for Jim.

A symbol would be snakes which represent bad luck/Satan/evil and Jim.

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chapter 5-8 questions

1. Pap doesn’t want Huck to become smarter the him because if Huck is smarter then pap then he would make his father look bad in the town. This is ironic because most parents want their kids to pass or exceed them in learning but pa wont have any of that

2. The society wants Huck to stay with his pa but in reality he should be staying with Widow Douglas.   It is good that society wants families to stay together, but the fact that pa is a drunk and beats Huck means that Huck should be taken away.

3. Huck wants to stay with his dad because he feels more at home.  He goes out hunting and fishing where at the Widow Douglas’ house he would have to go to school.   Huck likes not to have to do anything and to be lazy.  The theme of this section would be the quest for freedom. 

4. This is ironic because pa did not do any of the things that he is cussing and making a big fuss about.  In fact Huck learned everything from the Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher.  Pa doesn’t try to change society he is just a drunk, where the black person is actually trying to get somewhere in life.

5.  Death and Rebirth because Huck fakes his death and he is reborn in the fact that he is living by himself in the wild with no civilization to tell him what to do. 

6.  It’s ironic that Huck wants Tom there because usually when Tom is there things are blown out of proportion.  If Tom had been there it would have been so over the top that people would have uncovered that Huck faked his death. Therefore the plan would not have worked. 

7.  It is ironic that Huck finds bread, because when they put quicksilver in the bread it is supposed to find a dead body and Huck is supposed to be dead.  Huck thinks that praying works, but only for the right type of people like the Widow or the minister.

8.   Jim’s reaction is that he thinks Huck is ghost, which plays into the theme of superstition because ghosts are a part of superstition and Jim is really superstitious. 


10.  This quote is significant because it shows Huck growing into someone who doesn’t agree with how civilization treats slaves and so he disobeys society by not telling where Jim is. 


12.  Huck puts a dead rattlesnake on Jim’s sleeping bag to scare him.  Yes it is typical of Huck’s character, because he always plays pranks.  He learned that Jim was right that touching rattlesnakes’ bodies when they are dead brings bad luck. 

13.  He plays a very bad role as woman. 

14.  Huck doesn’t care that she gets the story wrong, and doesn’t tell her that he and Tom found the money. 

15.   The fact that Jim’s reward is higher than Pa’s which is racist because they don’t have any evidence involving Jim.  Also Pa has motive to kill Huck because of the money and Jim doesn’t have a motive what so ever. 

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Chaps 1-4: 1st episode "Papa Returns"

Superstition - when he kills the spider and his pa comes back
gullibility- when the gang charges after Sunday school kids believing that the elephants and the a-rabs.
The role of the outsider- when the lady teaches Huck about praying

bible- moses
Arabian nights
Don Quixote

Aunt Polly, Mary, Widow Douglas, tom, Judge Thatcher, Huck, pap, Tommy Barnes, miss Watson, Joe Harper, Ben Rogers, Jim

                     part of plot

In this episode Huck gets adopted by Widow Douglas and she tries to teach Huck about manners and how to be polite.  She tries to tame him.  She also teaches him about the bible and how praying will help him.  Huck doesn't understand how praying will help him. He prays for a fishing pole and hooks and gets the pole but not the hooks and gets mad.  Then Huck meets up with Tom Sawyer and the two start a gang with Tommy, Joe Harper, and Ben Rogers.  They decide they are going to go rob a group of a-rabs that have elephants and camels that are stocked with diamonds.  Huck decides to go because he wants to see an elephant, but when they get there there is no one there but Sunday School kids.  So they decide to rob the Sunday school kids, and then they get yelled at by the teachers.  Then Huck asks Tom where the elephants and the A-rabs were, and Tom said they were there but they were cloaked by wizards.  Which just means that Tom was using his imagination where Huck was not as educated as him and didn't know what imagination was.  After that robbery the gang decided not to be a gang anymore.  Then Huck a few days later goes outside and finds footsteps that are his father's footsteps, and then Huck runs down and tells Judge Thatcher that he wants him to have all his money.  And he gives Judge Thatcher $6,000, but Judge Thatcher doesn't truly take the money but tells Huck he does.  Huck goes to Jim and asks Jim to have the hairball tell Jim Huck's future.  The hairball tells Huck complete nonsense, except he tells Huck to stay away from water.  Which is a foreshadow to a later chapter when Huck gets on the raft and sails the Mississippi River.  Then Huck finds out his papa isn't dead, and he is sitting in Huck's room. 

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journal 43 chapter 22 pg 208

"Hold thy peace, dear little Pearl!" whispered her mother.  "We must not always talk in the market-place of what happens to us in the forest."

What this is saying is that Hester doesn't want Pearl to talk about Dimmesdale and Hester's plan to leave so that they can be together and be free to be a family. 

journal 42 chapter 22 pg 207

"Hester Prynne gazing stedfastly at the clergyman, felt a dreary influence come over her, but wherefore or whence she new not; unless that he seemed so remote from her own sphere, and utterly beyond her reach."
This is saying that Hester Prynne is looking at Dimmesdale who is off in his own world, thinking about different stuff.  Then Hester is thinking about the woods and how they were holding hands and all that stuff, and then she starts thinking about their future and wonders if Dimmesdale will act the way he acts in the woods in the new society or if he will act they way he acts as the minister towards her in the new society.